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Preventative Health Care – At Oak Tree Animal Hospital, we would, if at all possible, rather prevent your pet from becoming ill and avoid the potential financial impact that a serious illness may bring. So we strongly recommend regular wellness examinations, vaccinations and even, spaying and neutering, for all pets that at not going to be bred.

Wellness Examinations – At least yearly.

Immunizations – We only provide those needed and appropriate for your pet’s situation.

Nutrition counseling – A Oak Tree Animal Hospital in Tampa we can provide nutritional guidance on the best way to feed your pet for optimum health.

Parasite prevention programs -Checking for parasites, especially in the humid Tampa environment, needs to be done at least yearly.

Dental care – Keeping a healthy mouth will prevent potential serious health risks in the later years.

Surgical neutering (spays and castrations) – Yes, spaying and neutering at an early age will actually prevent some serious diseases that tend to occur from the middle to later years of your pet’s life. Give us a call at Oak Tree Animal Hospital and we explain the benefits.

Diagnostics – Oak Tree Animal Hospital in Tampa has the capability of performing both in-hospital laboratory testing as well as using an outside laboratory evaluation, when needed. Having the ability to perform diagnostic tests and procedures within the animal hospital can be important in emergency situations and with seriously ill patients.

Serum Chemistry, Hematology and Serology – Commonly referred to as “blood tests”, these procedures are essential in making a diagnosis for our patients. Treatment depends on what the problem is and without diagnostics the proper treatment course may not be selected.

Parasite testing – Basically this comes down to internal parasites, such as intestinal worms, and heartworms. Keeping these parasites under control is important and without testing for them, their occurrence will go undetected until the patient becomes seriously ill.

Urinalysis – Since the kidneys are filtering organs for the body, many diseases can cause changes in the urine that is produced by the kidneys. Also, primary diseases of the urinary system will cause changes in the urine.

Bacterial and Fungal Culture – When infections occur, determining the specific bacterial or fungal organism causing the infection, can lead to a more successful and rapid positive outcome.

High Quality and Affordable Digital X-Ray – Radiology (X-rays) – Without a doubt, the ability to take rapid and quality radiographs is one of the most important diagnostic procedures an animal hospital needs to perform. At Oak Tree Animal Hospital, we understand this and we have invested in digital radiography for our clients and patients. We also provide this service for a reason price.

Treatments and Surgeries – Oak Tree Animal Hospital is fully equipped for most elective, non-elective, and emergency procedures. We have intensive care cages, which can provide oxygen and when needed. We can also make referrals to a veterinary specialty animal hospital.

Other Services – Oak Tree Animal Hospital also provides other basic services such as boarding, bathing, both routine and medicated, and a full supply of prescription and other pet foods.

Uthaya Kumar, DVM
Oak Tree Animal Hospital
Tampa, FL 33604


American Veterinary Medical Association
Florida Veterinary Medical Association
Hillsborough Veterinary Medical Society

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