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Oak Tree Animal Hospital is located in Northwest Tampa FL. We are located on North Armenia Avenue just north of Sligh Avenue. You can't miss us with that big oak tree along the road.

Our goal at Oak Tampa Animal Hospital | Oak Tree Animal Hospital Tampa FL Family-DogTree Animal Hospital is to provide complete veterinary pet health care services for the entire life of your pet. We pride ourselves on providing quality veterinary pet health care while still keeping our prices reasonable. In fact, we are known for our quality service and compassionate care.

Our staff veterinarian is Dr. Uthaya Kumar. Dr. Kumar is also the owner and sole veterinarian at Oak Tree Animal Hospital. Dr. Kumar has been a practicing veterinarian in the Tampa area for over 10 years. Be assured that this Tampa vet will provide a personal touch for his patients.

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Through our Oak Tree Animal Hospital Tampa website, we are offering a discount coupon for all new clients. We especially want to reach out to the Northwest Tampa, Seminole Heights and Egypt Lake areas and offer our full services here at Oak Tree Animal Hospital. We invite you to go ahead and fill out the form in the right sidebar for your discount coupon.

What’s a Vet?

veterinarians-tampa-oaktree-animal-hospital-tampaThere are many  veterinarians in the Tampa area and most likely they would all agree that being a veterinarian is harder than being a human physician.

First of all, veterinary medicine is actually considered a branch of science, which deals with the Prevention, Diagnosis and Treatment of disease, disorder and injury in animals.

The scope of being a veterinarian is extremely wide. Both domesticated and wild animals are included in a veterinarian’s responsibilities. Just knowing about all the different domesticated species is over whelming. Many people expect their veterinarian to be all knowing.

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Hospital or Clinic?

Tampa Animal Hospital Sign | Oak Tree Animal Hospital Tampa FL

For this discussion and simplicity, veterinary hospital and animal hospital are the same, as are veterinary clinic and animal clinic. The key is “hospital” versus “clinic”.

The distinction between veterinary hospital and veterinary clinic is getting more blurred. You have probably heard or read, “we are a full service animal hospital in Tampa FL”. There are many Tampa animal hospitals which will use “full service” in their description. So what does that mean. Maybe the following will help in distinguishing between those which are an animal hospital in Tampa and those which are a Tampa animal clinic.

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