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What you should know about your own veterinarian in Tampa


Do you really know what it took to become that Tampa veterinarian?

There are many Tampa veterinarians and most likely they would all agree that being a veterinarian is harder than being a human physician.Bulldog as Tampa Veterinarian

First of all, veterinary medicine is actually considered a branch of science, which deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, disorder and injury in animals.

The scope of being a veterinarian is extremely wide. Both domesticated and wild animals are included in a veterinarian’s responsibilities. Just knowing about all the different domesticated species is over whelming. Many people expect their veterinarian to be all knowing.

Human doctors have to only learn about one species. Look how specialized they are. All they have to be concerned about is the human race.

A veterinarian has to be knowledgeable with all the different diseases but then additionally they must learn about all the different diseases affecting each species.

To learn it all, probably would take twelve years or more. Ask your own Tampa veterinarian, how long he or she was in school. Today, it is usually seven to eight years. Probably, costing over $100,000 to become that veterinarian and practice in Tampa.

Oh, yeah, the patients of a veterinarian can’t talk. That’s why you see your own Tampa veterinarian poking, squeezing , pressing and manipulating.

A veterinarian can be referred to in many ways. Very commonly, the word veterinarian is shortened to vets. “Hey, I’m looking for a Tampa vet, or any good vets in Tampa.” In the United Kingdom, vets are called veterinary surgeons. In other countries a veterinarian is referred to as a veterinary physician. Or how about “Hey, Doc”.

Veterinarians also have responsibilities in human medicine. Because of diseases that can spread from animals to humans, referred to as a zoonotic disease, veterinarians can be on the front line protecting the human popular from potentially dangerous zoonotic outbreaks. Most of the Tampa veterinarians are accredited by the US Department of Agriculture.

Many veterinarians are also involved with human research. All research facilities using laboratory animals are required to have a veterinarian in charge of the animal’s well being. All proper protocols must be followed. A veterinarian can actually specialize in laboratory animal medicine. This requires additional years of training, usually three to four years. Veterinarians are epidemiologists, pathologists, comparative medicine specialists, veterinary surgeons, veterinary dentists, veterinary internal medicine specialists, veterinary eye doctors, emergency medicine, trauma specialists and many more.

So the veterinary profession has really changed over the years. There are many veterinarians in Tampa who have experienced the change; from the single veterinarian practice, with a personal touch, to large specialty practices and even corporate veterinary hospitals. There are corporations with hundreds of practices. Many vets in Tampa can tell you about the changes that have occurred.

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