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So you want to become a Vet? Do you live in Tampa FL?

Just as the veterinarians in Tampa, many young man and women desire to become a veterinarian and dream of working with animals. They see themselves helping injured or sick animals and even saving the lives of pets. However, what does it actually take to become a veterinarian? How do you get into a veterinary school? Is having a love for animals and a desire to help animals enough? Are there other important things to consider prior to seeking a career in veterinary medicine?

You can watch this video, from the Veterinary News Network, to learn more about the education, commitment, sacrifices and expenses associated with becoming a practicing veterinarian.

So you watched the veterinarian career video and you live in the Tampa FL area. Now what? Well staff veterinarian, Dr. Kumar, at Oak Tree Animal Hospital recommends that you get in touch with one of the many Tampa area veterinarians or animal hospitals and see if you can spend some time in one of these veterinary hospitals. The exposure and experience is one of the best educational steps a person can take if interested in a career as a veterinarian.


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7102 North Armenia Avenue
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